Working in a Shop on the Corner

So I have been working at this store down the street from my apartment and my main job is to keep the shelves stocked, but that is not so simple a task. The store is quite small and we move a lot of goods. So the owner has to keep extra inventory in storage. We have a big locker about three blocks away at a place called Store friendly self storage facilities. The boss has this push cart that probably handles a couple hundred pounds of stuff at once and he will give me a list of things to get from the locker. Of course he does not really trust me so a lot of the time I realize that he has gone behind me to make sure that I only moved the stuff that I am supposed to move and nothing got stuck in my pocket on the way out. Of course a lot of people in jobs like this are tempted to take a bit of extra to make up for the low wages.

This guy would probably try to send me to jail if I stole ten cents from him. It is just the way that he is about money. He has absolutely no sense of humor when the bottom line is concerned and the people in the area all know this. It is a running gag with the guys in the area. I go by them and they make jokes about how my boss is watching what I am doing. Of course I am not the first guy who has had to work for him and a lot of the others have had rather bad things to say about the man after the fact. I guess that there is no point in getting bent out of shape about it.

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