We Have No Complaints About Our DirecTV Service

Prices go up for everything. I get that. Nothing stays the same in business. It is always moving forward offering more and costing more. Sometimes you get a break in prices as things become more popular. I remember when it was expensive to have unlimited cell phone minutes, but with everyone texting it got cheap. I thought my cable company would offer more at better prices since they have satellite as a competitor. Well, they raised the price twice this year, so we looked at Direct TV bundle options in West Chester to see what all we could get and at what price.

I compared the channel packages. We could get all the channels we like to watch with nothing being left out if we had the lowest tier of service with DirecTV. No need to pay more for the higher packages. We were also eligible for a lower price for the first year with the second year still being cheaper than what we were paying for cable. We were even going to be getting ten bucks off for signing up for autopay to pay the bill. We looked over all the fine print and could not pass up a deal like that.

I have to admit that I was worried about getting satellite TV when it comes to servicing any problems that might pop up. Well, we had it for two years now and there has not been any problems with the dish, receiver, remotes or anything else that required anyone to come out and do a service call. It has worked just fine for us. I had one minor issue and called in. They told me that a software update was coming out and would automatically be downloaded to the receiver box to fix the problem. That was cool! They actually discover and fix things that are potential problems for customers. I have no complaints about the service, the quality or the equipment. And for us the prices beat cable.

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