Started Talking About Setting Up a New Place

Of course it would be complicated if me and Dan split things up, but that seems the best. It has sort of run it’s course and we are going to end up butting heads at every turn now that we have less common interest by the day. We are not going to be stubborn about it, but instead we are talking about how to do it sensibly. We have talked to a business attorney in Chicago about how to divide up the assets. Obviously we both want to get what is rightly our own, but neither or us wants to turn this into a scorched earth type of deal. All that lawyers guns and money crap is not very helpful if you understand what your best interests are. The thing that makes sense is to make the best deal you can make and live with it. Going to war over money is only logical when you have no choice in the matter, but both of us understand that we had common interests for a long time, but that is changing.

In fact we are going to talk about whether or not one or the other wants to buy the other out lock stock and barrel. Of course I am only interested in this idea at the right price and Dan probably feels the same way. If he wants to get out of it and I can make a deal that is to my advantage I would do it, but that does not seem likely. He might be willing to buy me out, but it would take a good offer. For one thing I get bored without something to wake up and do in the morning. If I do not have this, then I have to go look for something new.

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