Qwest is a Company to Believe in

Have you been looking at this QWEST compared to Direct TV ad? Do you currently have a satellite and you are just not sure if you are getting a very good deal? There are advantages that QWESToffers that just cannot be beat. Here is a review from someone that has had both. If you are into sports, then there is nothing that you can compare to digital cable from QWEST. What most sports fans do not know is that DirectTVis not the only company that offers an NFL package, a NCAA package, and other sports packages. You just have to ask and they will provide you with what you are after. The best part about this is with cable you never have to worry about your satellite losing signal because it won’t. You get a clear picture in high def throughout the entire game with not chance of losing your signal half way through or at a crucial part.

If you are a movie lover, then you can get all the movie channels you can imagine with digital cable. Again you have no issues of losing signal once you get into a movie and you want to finish it. On top of all this you can also get your internet and phone hooked up throughQWEST which will save you money. The Dish cannot offer this and neither can Direct TV. This is a huge advantage. The service people forQWEST are also much better and they respond much quicker than Direct TV or The Dish ever did. Bottom line is that the satellite companies have a good product, but the cable company known asQWEST has a better product that is more fit to anybody’s needs. Cable wins in every category unless you enjoy losing your signal halfway through a show or game.

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