I Found Hope by Doing Something My Mom Used to Do

My mom used to love going to get acupuncture in Chicago back when I was a kid. I remember her taking me to the business with her, and I used to think all the little needles they used on my mother were fascinating. I could not figure out how so many things that were sharp did not cause her any pain. She said that it was quite the opposite and that needles were relaxing and helped her to feel really good after the appointment.

It was my mom who told me that I should go and see an acupuncturist when I was trying to quit smoking. She knew that I had been trying to do it on my own, and I was failing at it over and over again. I had been to see my doctor to get a prescription for a popular medication that has helped many people quit. That prescription did not work on me at all. Next, I read some things online about how to go cold turkey in a way that should work. I follow the instructions perfectly, and I had no luck with that. I felt enslaved by the cigarettes and wanted so much to get them out of my life for good. I wonder if I was stuck with my addiction issues permanently.

Mom reminded me that getting acupuncture can help with so many things. I had no idea that it can help with addiction. I always trusted her when she told me about all the many other ways that it helped her, but I wondered if she was right or not about what I needed. She told me to go to the same place that she went to for so many years, so that was what I did the very next day. I was a little bit nervous, but it was fast and it worked.

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