Going to Try out a Virtual Office

So I have been thinking about how to solve the little issue I have. The simple fact is that I have been living out of a suitcase for some time now and I have to figure out how to adapt to different locations as I get there. I have decided that the obvious solution is to use a virtual office. This one in Singapore is called Voffice and I like it pretty well. Of course the thing you want most is some person who can answer the phone and screen your calls. You can get that if you pay for it and I think that I might. Of course the problem is that you have to get some person who is cold off the bench and put them in the game so to speak. You want to get some person who knows what the score is obviously, that is the best way for it be. This is not really possible unless you hire some person permanent and train them for the job.

Obviously I do not need to pay a full time assistant, because that is a big expense and you have it all of the time whether you need it or not. The thing about this virtual office deal is that it is there when you need it, but you do not have to pay for it when you are not using it. So you get what you need and you do not pay for an office you are not using, which is really perfect for me in the situation that I am in. I am in a different place every other week pretty much, so while I need a temporary place to work, that is all that I need. Having a full time office is just a big waste.

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