Get Your Life in Control Again

My husband found your website when he did a Google search for San Jose car accident chiropractor. I have lived my whole life of thirty years without have a car accident until eight months ago. I guess I always thought I was such a careful driver that I would never have a car accident. But I guess I forgot to factor in the other person or persons who are not careful drivers and that ended up causing me a lot of pain and suffering and some money too.I had just left my house to go to the grocery store to pick up some food when this car turned short at a light and clipped my front right side. The car was pretty damaged, but the worst part is from the very beginning I had neck pain with headaches.

I was worried this would be a permanent condition since I had never had this pain before. I was taking a lot of medication, which was very new to me and it kept me to the point that I couldn’t drive much and I hated that. So I decided to look for alternatives to the pain medication, or maybe something that would work with the medication so I wouldn’t have to take such strong dosages.That is when I found your website and a couple of others. The first one I called would not really say what they thought might help and I just didn’t get a good vibe from them. But that was not the case when I called you. I got a great vibe from the beginning. I felt you really wanted to help me control my pain. Within a few days I was in having my consultation and speaking with the doctor about my options. Now I feel I am in control once again.

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