Working in a Shop on the Corner

So I have been working at this store down the street from my apartment and my main job is to keep the shelves stocked, but that is not so simple a task. The store is quite small and we move a lot of goods. So the owner has to keep extra inventory in storage. We have a big locker about three blocks away at a place called Store friendly self storage facilities. The boss has this push cart that probably handles a couple hundred pounds of stuff at once and he will give me a list of things to get from the locker.

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Great Aircon Fixed Her AC System

When my mother asked me to come over and look at her air conditioner, I thought it would be easy to fix. I was pretty sure she was just doing something wrong, but it turned out that I was not able to get it to come on either. I had a feeling it was something with the motor, so I knew I needed to leave that to the professionals since I have very little experience with anything like that. Actually, I have no experience! That is why I did an online search for Singapore Great Aircon promotion.

I have used Great Aircon in the past at my own house, and I have always been impressed with them. They have been the utmost of professionalism. They have always been on time, their prices have been reasonable, and the techs have always been able to repair or replace whatever was wrong. I knew that they would treat my mother in the same regard.

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Started Talking About Setting Up a New Place

Of course it would be complicated if me and Dan split things up, but that seems the best. It has sort of run it’s course and we are going to end up butting heads at every turn now that we have less common interest by the day. We are not going to be stubborn about it, but instead we are talking about how to do it sensibly. We have talked to a business attorney in Chicago about how to divide up the assets. Obviously we both want to get what is rightly our own, but neither or us wants to turn this into a scorched earth type of deal.

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