My Music is Getting Attention

My father was the banjo player for a traveling bluegrass band. During school breaks, I would travel with him and his fellow band members, because I fell in love with the music scene. The guitar player started teaching me how to play, and according to him I was a natural. I didn’t box myself in with just one genre of music though like my father did. I started writing songs in a mix of genres, and I even played some on stage with my dad. I joined SoundCloud and decided to buy SoundCloud comments so I could get my music out to a greater number of people.

When I was up on that stage, I would get a lot of comments afterwards about my unique style of music. One of the guys who told me I was going places is the one who suggested I start putting my tracks on SoundCloud. He is also the one who explained that I would need to get followers quickly in order to get my music to the greatest amount of people. I read about it before joining, and that is how I knew I should buy comments.

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