Bought Myself a Little Cabin Cruiser

Of course this is not a beauty of a boat. In fact it was damaged in a hurricane. It was on shore, but not far away from it and it got flipped over. I am pretty sure that it was a total loss when the insurance company got a look at it. All of the electrical stuff is messed up permanently and so is the upholstery. It used to have some big air horns on it, the sort you see at this site, There were three of them before, but they are smashed up. Obviously a horn is not going to stand up to this sort of problem. You can not flip a boat up on it’s roof without breaking some stuff.

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Buy Vine Likes for More Video Loop Exposure

Learning to use Vine is pretty easy. Just download the app and get started. The best way to learn how to make things with most apps is to just start fooling around with all of the features. After you get a good amount of videos added to your profile, you might want to buy Vine likes to promote them. This gets them seen more. If you are a first time Vine user who is at the website, you might be wondering why there is no sound. That is easy enough to fix.

When you go to the Vine website you will see that as soon as a video is in the center area of your screen on your computer, or if you hover the cursor over one, it will start to autoplay. On some computers there is no sound though. In that case just right click and select unmute.

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Finding Best Clinics for Aging

I am starting to get old, and it is hard for me to admit that. In fact, I just got a little bit teary eyed, from just typing it. That seems silly, especially when I actually say it. But I take aging very seriously, and I have always tried to combat it as best I can. I am going to hopefully try to find to a way to get rid of my wrinkles. I am looking at thermage in Singapore. It was not until rather recently that I actually learned of this technique, and since learning of it, I have become rather curious, due to the potential it has to reduce the amount of wrinkles I have, and in general, to make my skin look younger than it does right now.

I dread getting older, and looking even worse than I do right now. So if this process can reduce some of the effects of aging, then it is definitely something that I am interested in. I am also interested in learning a bit more about how it is supposed to work.

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