401K Retirement Plan

Bankruptcy the word itself is enough to send shivers down your financial spine. But in a world where perfection is all, and the visual expression of that perfection comes in the amount of possessions we can amass, bankruptcy is becoming an option for more and more of us. With an estimated one and a half bankruptcy cases taking place in 2005 alone, it seems that we are head for the courts in our droves in some attempt to get our finances back on track. But if you are struggling financially, how can you tell whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you?

So many of us are feeling the pressure to keep up in this modern world by enjoying all the luxuries our paycheck can afford. The problem is that for many of us, we cant afford this way of life at all, and buy now thinking that well worry about the cost later. Financial responsibility, it seems, doesnt come easy to us, so much so that we are choosing what should be a last resort all too easily. But beware bankruptcy might offer the financially troubled a clean slate, but it doesnt mean theres not a price to pay.

There are a number of different types of bankruptcy, which involve either the liquidation of your assets or participating in a repayment scheme. While it is true that a portion of your debts will be written off, you will be held accountable for certain debts, which will be included in your repayment plan. Bankruptcy does allow a certain amount of flexibility in the way that this is done, but it should not be thought of as a get-out-of-jail-free card that comes without consequences.

Bankruptcy also has implications for your credit future. The fact of your bankruptcy is likely to be listed in your credit reports for ten years, during which time you may find acquiring credit to be quite difficult. Renting apartments or leasing other items may become more difficult to those with a bankruptcy behind them. On the other hand, because you are now prohibited from declaring bankruptcy for some years, some creditors may be more keen to take you on, as you have no way of escaping your debt. This can help recreate the cycle of debt that led you to declare bankruptcy in the first place.

Bankruptcy can be a useful tool in regaining financial control, but it is not a decision to be undertaken lightly. Weigh all your other options before you proceed, and avail of financial counselling if you can to help you to be more careful next time around.

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Ira Savings Calculator

Unless you are willing to pay terribly high interest rates, you should try to raise your credit score as much as possible. The lower your credit score, the higher the risk for the lender to grant you a loan and the higher the risk, the higher the rate. This is unavoidable, of course there are special situations that may have caused your financial breakdown, but there are no means to avoid this and lenders cant take subjective facts into consideration when it comes to fixing the interest rate.

Repairing your credit

Repairing your credit may take some time, but here is the way to start. Open a savings account and start making regular deposits. You dont need to deposit large amounts, but the fact that you have an income that lets you put away an amount of money regularly will soon be recorded to your credit history and will highly contribute to raising your credit score and improving your credit history. This is just the first step but as a first step, the most important one.

Credit Cards

Once youve a reasonable amount of money in your savings account, use it to apply for a secured credit card. Secured Credit Cards are just like regular credit cards only that you can only borrow the money that youve previously transferred to an account. There is no risk for the card issuer so youll be able to get it even if your bankruptcy is close in time and your credit is not that good.

After using your secured credit card for a while you can apply (if you havent been offered one yet by that time) for an unsecured credit card. Your credit score improvement will most surely let you get approved without hassles. Make sure you use the card wisely, make small purchases pay the credit card balance always in full if possible, and never miss a payment nor make late payments.

Using your credit card wisely will help you skyrocket your credit score. Now is the time to start requesting small personal loans. Asking for small loan amounts will guarantee that youll get approved. Your regular monthly payments will do the rest, your credit score will soon reach a status where youll be able to request personal loans at very reasonable interest rates.

Final Steps

At this time you should have reached a good credit tag and youll be able to obtain any financial product that you need. Refinancing your home loan would be the next wise step to continue improving your credit score. Or you could request a home equity loan. Either of them will prove to future lenders that you are able to commit to repaying higher amount loans and that youve finally put behind your bankruptcy.

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Can I Retire Now

If you find yourself getting close to retirement age without a nest egg, do not despair. There are still things you can do during your 40s and 50s to get yourself prepared for retirement. They include figuring out how much money you will need during retirement, income sources like social security or retirement pensions, setting goals, start contributing to your 401 (k), be aggressive, downsize, and eliminate debt to name a few.

The first thing you should do if you find yourself close to retirement with no savings is to calculate the amount of money you will need during retirement as well as what age you plan on retiring. You will find many resources online that will help you come up with this number such as retirement calculators.

Once you have a general number you will need for your retirement, then you should figure out the income you will receive each year in social security benefits, pensions, other retirement accounts, 401(k) plans and the like. Be conservative when figuring this number because you do not want to overestimate. Then, you can subtract what you will be earning each year from what you need to live comfortably and that will give you the money you need to save.

Now that you know how much money you will need on average you can set some savings goals for yourself. There are plenty of ways you can save money from shopping with coupons to taking your lunch to work with you to not buying a new car every year. Wherever you are spending money and can scale back, do. It will mean the difference between a happy retirement or a stressful one.

Next, if you have a 401(k) plan and are not using it, start! Start depositing the maximum allowed so you can get your retirement account beefed up and prepared for your years of relaxation. Also, see if your employer has a match program as well, this is free money and will help your nest egg grow that much quicker.

If you have some investments, consider getting a little aggressive with them. The stock market and mutual funds are a good place to start, and with the help of a stock broker you can likely turn a little money into a lot pretty quickly.

If you are still concerned about making it during retirement consider downsizing to a smaller home, less expensive car, fewer vacations, and less shopping sprees. This might take some effort, but it will be worthwhile to be able to retire happily and not continue working when you are 75 years old.

And finally, eliminate any debt you have. Do this as quickly and aggressively as possible because the longer you wait the more money you will have to pay. So, if you pay it off quickly it might be difficult, but it will allow you to save more money for retirement in the long run.

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How Much To Retire Calculator

Dont retire to Thailand unless you enjoy a very low cost of living. Lease a property for under $50,000 a place that would cost you 10 times that much in your home country.

Dont retire to Thailand unless you like to eat really good food for very little money. Seafood, fruits and vegetables for mere pocket change.

Dont retire to Thailand if you disdain real culture and old fashioned customs. Learn to live with Buddhist principles and live your life like a Thai with a “mai pen rai” never mind attitude.

Dont retire to Thailand if you want to remain single and lonely. Find a good Thai lady who will take care of you like a king for the rest of your life.

Dont retire to Thailand if you like snow and cold weather. Tropical breeze, emerald waters, and sandy beaches abound in Thailand. Cold is when the temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dont retire in Thailand if you are an old man who thinks that he doesnt have a chance with a beautiful, young Thai lady. Age is just a number in Thailand and the ladies prefer a man with a good heart over one who is young and superficially handsome.

Dont retire to Thailand if you would rather spend your final years at home with family and friends. I would rather spend my final years with my new 26-year old girl friend who is soon to be my wife. I am almost 56 and this young lady will do anything for me. She is well educated, single, a school teacher and has great values and a very positive attitude. My family and friends can come and visit me if they want.

Dont retire to Thailand if you hate to travel. Being in Thailand you can easily travel all over Asia and very easily travel to Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Japan, Singapore, Korea and more are 3-hour flights away.

Dont retire to Thailand if you are rich. Joe Average on a meager pension of about $500 per month can live comfortably in Thailand. A rich man can live like a king if that is what he wants. If you have a pension or retirement plan that pays you $1,000 or $2,000 per month you will live the life of luxury.

Dont retire to Thailand if you think you are better than the Thais. Check your attitude at home and if you want to live in Thailand, just go with the flow and enjoy your retirement. The Thai people are great, you just have to learn the customs and culture. It will definitely not be the same as your home but who cares.

Retiring in Thailand is totally up to you. Dont do it unless you are prepared to live your final years in a wonderful country with some very beautiful people.

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Planning To Retire

No one can foresee problems that may arise should he become incapacitated. Yet, you can avoid negative consequences of unforeseen problems by creating Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorneys (HCPOA).

Setting up a Living Will or HCPOA is a relatively simple task. The first step it to consult with an attorney that specializes in estate planning to ensure that your documents are clear. Heres an overview of what you can expect from your Living Will and HCPOA.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

The HCPOA, otherwise known as a healthcare proxy is a legal document that enables an individual that you appoint (your agent) to act as your healthcare representative if you become incapacitated. The agent becomes your acting representative at the moment you become incapacitated, thus eliminating the need for your loved ones to argue over your rights and wishes in court.

Your agent has the authority to request or deny any medical treatment that he determines to be appropriate. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose someone that you trust as your agent. Please note: In most states, your spouse will be your default agent. If you are not married but are in a lifelong relationship your partner, he does not automatically become your agent. Make sure that you appoint your partner as your agent to ensure that he or she has control over your medical decisions if you are unable to make them.

Because your agent has whatever powers you give him or her, make sure that he or she understands your desires. Some of the decisions he or she may need to make include but are not limited to:

  • Deciding whether or not you will receive medical treatment
  • Withdrawing life-support

Living Will

A Living Will and HCPOA should be used in tandem, since one document complements the other. Your Living Will is a document that clearly expresses your desires. In short, your Living Will provides your medical team with instructions for how to carry out your wishes should you become incapacitated. For example, if you become brain dead, you can state in your Living Will that you wish to receive or not to receive life support.

By creating a Living Will, you ensure that your desires will be carried out without court involvement that can be costly and stressful for your family. Criteria for enacting a Living Will vary by state; so make sure that you consult with an attorney to ensure that your Living Will complies with the rules in your state.

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How Much You Need To Save For Retirement

Refinancing is a common practice adopted mostly for home loan facilities. Refinancing is nothing but to pay off the old debt and taking a new one. The major reason for refinancing is to reduce interest rate. Reduced interest rate is nothing but less to pay every month and thus increase in the monthly income at hand. Refinancing happens all over, the only point to be taken into consideration is the right time to take refinancing options.

There are many reasons for refinance, the major ones according to Fanniemae being

    a. To reduce the interest rate.

    b. To build equity faster

    c. Change the loan type to one that is more feasible and more attractive.

    e. Improved credit rating.

    f. To draw equity on home that is already built.

The major reasons are only two and that is to reduce interest and to increase the equity. The interest rate again depends on the discount point, which you can produce at the time of refinancing. For example if the interest rate is 7% then with a discount point the interest rate reduced to 6.75%. With the array of different types of lenders and brokers, the borrower is at an advantage to choose his lender according to the interest and various schemed offered to him.

The various eligibility for applying for refinance depends on various factors like, how much is the existing mortgaging amount. For how long is the refinancing facility. How many years is the mortgage left? What would be interest amount saved etc., While applying for refinancing facility the lender always checks various details of the borrower like e.g., the source of income for the borrower, his credit rating, if a mortgage exist then what is the amount of mortgage, the term of the mortgage.

Therefore the advantage of refinancing depends on the reduction of the interest or the lesser money he has to pay towards mortgage, the costs involved towards refinancing and how much the borrower is able to save money over the life of the loan. Costs plays an important part and the borrower has to see to it that the costs involved is not more that the mortgage left to pay. Thus refinancing is an boon to the borrowers particularly in the US where the array of lenders and brokers can give a borrower a good deal.

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Guardian Retirement

Do you know how your life will be divided after your death? Who will your estate go to? Who will look after your children? With an estate plan you decide. You are in control of your familys security in the event that something tragic should happen. Now perhaps you are a little foggy with some of the fundamental ideas associated with estate planning. Lets start at the beginning.

According to Merriam-Websters Dictionary of Law estate planning is:

The arranging for the disposition and management of ones estate at death through the use of wills, trusts, insurance policies, and other device.

Your estate is everything you own, your assets and liabilities. This includes things such as your house, account in your name, your insurance policies, and vehicles. The problem with dying without an effective estate plan is that even if your property is distributed to the proper people, a process known as probate court may cost your heirs up to 10% of your assets net value. Also you must take any children that you are the legal guardian of into consideration. If you do not have an estate plan it may be probate court that decides who looks after them after you are gone.

You dont want to let this happen to you and your family. You need an estate plan. Now, in order to start estate planning you are going to need to look into the following options: living wills, revocable living trusts.

A living will is a document in which you can spell out where all of your assets will be going. You may also modify this document at anytime. You are the one in control. This is a great way to avoid probate court.

A living trust allows you to name a person who will handle all of your legal affairs after you pass away. Your trust may either be revocable or irrevocable. Revocable means that, just like a living will, you can modify it at any time. However, in an irrevocable living trust you do not have the ability to change it.

Having an estate plan can help your family avoid many hardships after your passing. Dont let your whole life fall into the wrong hands. Take control. Make an estate plan today.

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Estimate Retirement

Construction is one of the most daunting aspects of business. It involves huge capital investment. An entrepreneur is not always sufficient with money to carry out construction and other renovations in his office. Your problem of scarcity of funds will become obsolete, if you opt for a commercial construction loan.

Commercial construction loan is the biggest way of financing your business plans. This loan is generally given to entrepreneurs, who wish to construct new buildings for commercial purposes, renovate premises, and buy business sites or commercial buildings.

Commercial construction loan can be secured as well as unsecured. Secured commercial construction loan requires you to place collateral. These are also called as commercial mortgage. These loans are provided at better terms, rate of interest and flexible repayment schedules. Unsecured commercial construction loans do not require collateral.

The rate of interest charged on a commercial construction loan is either fixed or variable. An entrepreneur is always advised to choose a fixed rate as it helps them in efficient business planning and budgeting because they know how much they have to pay every month. With a variable rate there can be fluctuations. It can increase during the term, as a result you will be required to pay more.

Before providing you a commercial construction loan the lender will give a look at your income and existing debts. He will also consider certain other factors like-:

  • Collateral placed
  • Credit score
  • Repayment ability
  • Reason for taking the loan
  • Business investments
  • Length of ownership of the company
  • Number of partners, employees etc.

Besides the above mentioned factors the loan provider would require the borrower to present a few documents before him. The loan application must be in the form of a request. It must consist of the amount to be drawn from the loan, purpose of taking the loan, amount of working capital in hand etc.

Commercial construction loan when used for purchasing real estate, constructing new commercial buildings or renovating premises would require the borrower to give the business profile to the lender. Accurate information about present debt balances, payment modes, date of maturity and the collateral used(if any) to secured other loans is to be provided. The lender may also ask you submit preliminary environmental reports, property appraisals etc.

If the entrepreneur is to start up a new business, the business plan is vital. It should include details on cash flow projections for first 24 months. The information must be to the point. The business plan must also provide information on how it would be helpful for the entrepreneur to repay the loan.

Shop around the financial market before applying for a commercial construction loan. Do not forget to consider the option of online loan providers. Searching for a lender online will help you secure an appropriate and hassle-free loan deal.

Business is uncertain. Estimate high, spend less and you can bring in new innovations in your business.

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How Much Saving For Retirement

If you need some extra money there is a nice loan type for this purpose payday loan. So, if you are skint, you can apply for this loan until your next payday. And its indubitably, that payday loan is a quickest and one of the most convenient ways to receive cash into your wallet for your uncontemplated needs. Cash advance is another term for this loan type. Payday loans are very akin to other debt operations, but have some special particularity. Shortly, payday loan is just a usual loan, but its a short-term and has large application fee.

One of the interesting features of cash advance is debt consolidation. So, the rules are very similar as other loans. If you have many different debts, its possible to unite all of your debts into just one loan. Debt consolidation is a helpful payday loan option, and its helped many people with there financial problems. In addition! With the help of such loan consolidation you can substantially abate your monthly loan payments.

Other very good advantage is that you can have bad credit history or no any credit history. Payday loan lenders put this financial risk of their work with no credit history borrowers in a high application fee. Its nice news for people with some finance troubles in a past, which signed in their credit history, or for people, who just came from abroad as an immigrant and refugee.

The loan application is fully online. There are some easy steps for apply:

  1. Choose your online payday lender.
  2. Read about lender conditions. Especially, closely examine rate of interest.
  3. Fill online form.
  4. (Some lenders need a fax with your personal information.)
  5. Receive approve (15 min to 1 hour) on your email.
  6. Receive cash on your saving account.

If you want to apply for payday loan you have to correspond some requirements: you must be at least eighteen years of age citizen with valid saving or checking account.

Many people find payday loan services very favorable. Really, you have to fill only one online form. Approve is also usually very fast. Thus, the loan process is very quick, because its does not involve any other information commonly required for some other loan. Often your cash can be in your account within one hour! Is it attractive? Yes! But remember – payday loans have the biggest charges of any loans types. It?ll cost you plenty of money!

Payday loan application fee differs greatly, each lender has its own loan interest rate. Its not a waste of time, to carefully compare conditions of many lenders. Payday loan process is very quick, but we strongly recommend to spend much more time to choose the best lender for your particular situation. Thus youll find lowest fee on your payday loans application. Youll be very surprised that there is wide difference of interest rates between services, which provide cash advance. Those, who say that payday loan is too expansive, just didnt find a suitable online service with acceptable rates.

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How Long Will My Savings Last In Retirement

With the popularity of Personal Loans escalating persistently in the loan market today, Im fairly sure that you are more or less aware of what these loans actually entail. Personal Loans are fundamental loans taken to simplify or assist you in your financial lifestyle. With the standards of living constantly on the rise on one hand and your stagnant monthly pay checks on the other, meeting day to day demands too becomes dicey. A Personal Loan is that Good Samaritan that can either serve as a necessity or a luxury. For example, Personal Loans can support necessities like household bills, overdue rent, childrens education and furthermore, luxuries like a dream house, the long-awaited car or a needed vacation. Personal Loans are all you need when you feel tied down with flat income. Therefore, if needed, open your minds to this concept of Personal Loans because simply put : You gain from it!

Personal Loans are of 2 kinds: Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans.

Secured Personal Loans:

Secured Personal Loans require any securable collateral to be put up against the loan. Collateral can be an asset like your home or automobile.

Collateral lowers the risk a lender faces and hence these loans have low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. These niceties vary with the loan amount, credit score, financial standing, etc.

A good credit statement can lower the interest while a bad credit can reverse that.

For Secured Personal Loans, the loan amount ranges from $5,000 to $75,000 and the repayment period extends from 5 to 25 years.

However, any default in your payments leads to confiscation of your collateral.

Moreover, many borrowers have no security to offer other than their home and putting your home at risk is not something most people consider.

Unsecured Personal Loans:

Unsecured Personal Loans are based entirely on the character and financial capacity of the borrower.

For Unsecured Personal Loans no collateral is required and hence these loans are hard to obtain. They are ideal for tenants and non homeowners as they have no property to pledge.

As there is no security offered, a lender cannot be sure of repayment; hence is under more risk, and therefore the interest rates in this case are higher.

For the same reason, lenders limit the value of Unsecured Personal Loans to $25,000. The interest too ranges from 7% to 30%.

The repayment term for an unsecured loan starts from 6 months and can go up to 10 years. Usually, the loan repayment term for an unsecured loan is shorter than that for a secured loan.

As the time taken for valuation of collateral is eliminated, theses loans are quicker to obtain and the loan amount is available very fast.

As Unsecured Personal Loans are approved solely on the character and repayment capacity of the borrower, bad credit history becomes an obstacle in the process.

Procedure in approval of Personal Loans:

Choose a loan with interest rates and repayment terms that suit your economic position. Expert advice is better to make yourself aware of all apt loans available.

You need to fill out an application form. Being brief but clear is generally preferred. Easy approval is facilitated if the application form gives explicit information.

Submit required documents like credit statement, income statement/proof, etc.

Income verification takes place. Assets are verified through two months statements.

The lender now makes his decision on the basis of the amount, the terms selected, your credit history, etc. This process takes 24 – 48 hours.

Today, Personal Loans are taken without hesitation. Because of this popularity of Personal Loans, more and more lenders are emerging, each offering better options than the other. Expert advice will help in making decisions. Being aware of your financial condition, you can choose your loan options better. Thus, the final decision is reserved with you. Explore your options and familiarize yourself with the terms and condition of Personal Loans before settling on any one. You can apply for these quotes at different loan lenders and thereby compare loans. You just need to shop around to find the best deal!

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